Trit Com 12 For Diarrhoea


Relieves diarrhoea of various forms and origins.

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Indication: Trit Com 12 tablets is a safe and effective remedy that helps relieve diarrhoea of various forms and origins.

The result is ascribed to its remarkable composition of well-known remedies like Ars. Alb. 6x, Aloe Soc 6x, China Off 6x, Ipecac 6x,Merc Sol 6x, Podophyllum 6x, lodoform 6x, Merc Cor 6x, Kurchi 6x.

Dosage: One to two tablets thrice daily or as prescribed by the physician.

Pack Size: 25 grams

Expiry: Five years from the date of manufacturing.

Manufactured in India by: MP Pharmaceuticals Co.

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