5 best ways to stop hairfall | Learn reasons & effective ways to prevent it

Hair fall and hair thinning are a few of the most common problems faced by both men and women. Every one out of seven people suffer from severe hair loss, 25% of the men below the age of 21 years suffer from mild hair loss and close to 40% of women suffer from hair thinning at some point in their life.
Extreme hair fall sometimes leads to lower self-confidence & self-esteem issues, so let’s dig deep to understand its causes & ways to fight it by making simple alterations to our diet & tweaking our lifestyle to minimize hair loss.

Major Reasons & causes of hair fall in India

Poor Nutrition

Now, since our body has limited nutrients, it prefers to supply that to vital organs to keep them healthy as our body system can survive even without a single strand of hair thereby leading to extreme hair loss & hair thinning.

Poor blood circulation

You might be taking a nutrition-rich diet but still suffer from hair fall. This generally happens due to poor blood circulation in the scalp area, which prevents our scalp cells to get nourished with essential nutrients & oxygen that leads to the formation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) making roots (follicles) of our hair weak, eventually leading to hair fall & chronic hair loss.

Use of toxic hair products

For hair styling & hair care we use various products, some of them contain harsh chemicals which damage our hair follicles one of the examples is shampoos that generally contain Paraben & Sodium Laurel Sulphate that is a detergent which is known for hair loss, check this ingredient on your shampoo bottle today & if its present stop using it & buy an herbal toxin-free shampoo.


Stress & anxiety play a major role in hair fall, as stress can push follicles to a resting phase so that they don’t produce new hair strands & as it’s natural for our body to lose 100 strands of hair which don’t get replenished leading to chronic hair loss.

How to prevent hair fall?


Heart shaped lifestyle advice on diet and fitness Small changes in lifestyle make a big impact on hair gain

We understood the reasons & causes behind hair fall. All the above causes point towards a similar solution which is consuming nutrition-rich food, improving our lifestyle to increase blood circulation & avoiding stress and using natural hair care products rather than chemical-laden products. So, let’s understand each of them in-depth.

Reducing hair fall through food

We try to choose fast food in our fast lives instead of healthy foods We try to choose fast food in our fast lives instead of healthy foods


We have to include those food items in our diet, that are rich in Protein, Healthy fats, Vitamin C, Iron & also have DHT blocking properties as they support hair growth & reduce hair fall

1.    Include meals with protein: Every strand of our hair is made up of protein,
so we should include protein rich food like black chana, lentils, paneer,
kidney beans, chickpeas, or chicken in our daily diet.

2.    Healthy fats are important for our hair for which we should consume Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Walnuts, Flaxseeds as it contains omega-3 fatty acids & other vitamins that are essential for hair growth.

3.    Vitamins are an essential nutrient for damaged hair especially vitamin C, as it treats and prevents damage to hair follicles and promotes normal growth of hair and should be part of our daily diet. Its richest source is Amla, other sources include, Orange, Lemon, Capsicum, etc. 

4.    DHT blocking foods:To reduce the DHT levels in our body, we should consume blocking foods like Fenugreek seeds (Saunf), Almonds, Banana, Tomato, Carrots & Mushrooms.


Reducing hair fall by improving blood circulation & lifestyle

Improve blood circulation through massage

1.    The Most Effective Technique to prevent hair loss is to regularly massage your head to increase the flow of blood that helps to strengthen the hair growth from the roots to the tips and conditioning the scalp. It also reduces stress which is one of the primary causes of hair fall.


2.    Direction: Use Coconut, olive, or amla hair oil for a hair massage. If you are suffering from excessive hair fall, mix 10ml of Armofer-MP oil with 30ml of hair oil & massage your hair at least twice a week, the results would astonish you within 6 weeks.To buy now clickhere


Improve hair growth & reduce stress through yoga

 A man doing exercise & running for better fitness Run , Jog or exercise for a while as it helps increasing blood circulation help in adequate hair nutrition  A man doing exercise & running for better fitness Run , Jog or exercise for a while as it helps increasing blood circulation help in adequate hair nutrition
 1.    Exercise:  Develop a habit to exercise at least 15 to 20 minutes daily as it increases blood  circulation, nourishing hair with nutrition & oxygen that prevents the formation of DHT. It also releases a happy hormone that destresses us, thereby contributing to hair growth & reducing hair fall.
2.    Yoga: Practice ‘Balayam’ that is rubbing your nails against each other for 5 minutes as it diverts the flow of blood towards the scalp enhancing hair growth & reducing hair fall.


Reduce stress through meditation

Meditation: Various researches in the past have found medical evidence that links stress with heavy hair loss. So, try De-stress techniques such as Massage therapy, Exercise & practicing meditation for as little as 10 minutes to calm our mind & body, giving us clear direction, better focus & helps in maintaining hormonal balance.  


Hair is usually the first thing that people notice about us & helps to give a pseudo boost to our personality and have tremendous importance in our lives. So, it thus requires some special pampering through a Good lifestyle, Nutrition rich food & maintaining proper blood circulation to maintain them. But even after following these, if you don’t see visible results do take professional advice.

In the end, I want to conclude with the statement “Aapke baal aapko define nahi karte hain, Aapka kaam aur uss kaam se jo impact logon ki life par aata hae wo aapko define karta hae”, It means having hair or even not having hair doesn’t define your self-worth, it’s the work & impact that you make on society matters. So don’t let patterned baldness or hair loss lower your self-esteem. All the best, hope this article  helps you.

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