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Armofer-MP Oil

Nourishes the hair roots, promotes hair growth, reduces dandruff and retards hair fall. Armofer-MP is your perfect companion for healthy hair.

Features of Armofer-MP

Hair Strengthening

Armofer-MP oil helps in hair strengthening as it has  Arnica Montana Q as one of the ingredient.

Reduces Hair fall

Armofer- MP oil is an effective medicated oil for hair fall with out any side effects, it contains natural herbs.

Improves Hair Density

Armofer-MP improves your hair density and make them smooth. It contains essential oils like Jaborandi Oil.

All in One Solution

It contains Cantharis Q which is known for treating scalp infections, dandruff, rough hair, premature greying.

How to Use Armofer-MP

Step Zero

In the box you get 4 Armofer-MP bottles, 10 ml each and a 100 ml empty mixer bottle.

Step One

Empty all four Armofer-MP Bottles into the 100 ml empty bottle. 

Step Two

Fill the rest of the 100 ml mixer bottle with your regular hair oil preferably coconut oil, olive oil, Bhrami oil, etc.

Step Three

Massage your hair gently at night before taking bath. Use the oil thrice a week for best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum course prescribed for Armofer-MP?

We suggest to use Armofer-MP oil for 2 months to see the desired results.

Do I need to consult my doctor before buying Armofer-MP?

Generally it is not neccessary, but we recommend to have a chat with a physician if the hairfall is severe. We have not seen any side effects of using Armofer-MP from any of our customers.

What is average delivery time for Armofer-MP?

If any order is placed before 11:00 AM, will be shipped on same day other wise it will be shipped next day and 95% of time our orders delivered in 4 to 6 business days.

Is Armofer-MP effective for Hairfall?

Yes, Armofer- MP oil is an effective medicated oil for hairfall because of the combination of medicines it made off which helps reduce hairfall without any side effects

Is Armofer-MP oil useful for dandruff?

Yes, Armofer - MP oil is effective for hairfall and dandruff reduction with out any side effects and this oil has jaborandi oil as an ingredient whoch helps in reducing dandruff

Does Armofer-MP helps in hair strengthening?

Yes, Armofer- MP oil helps in hair strengthening because it has Arnica Montana Q as an ingredients which helps in controlling hairfall and also promotes hair strengthening.


The hard water in Gurgaon had damaged my hair and I had a lot of hair fall. The oil not only helped me get rid of my hair problems but also nourished my hair n hair fall has almost stopped. I saw these results in a short span of 1 month. The effects of Armofer-MP are just amazing!! I am totally in love with it!
Karishma Khandwawala
I was suffering from hair thinning and hair fall. My hair became dry because of pollution. seeing these problems one of my friend suggested me Armofer-MP. Ive been using this oil for a while now, and I can see that the results are really promising. This product is affordable and easy to use.
Siva Chetan
As a working woman, I had to deal with a lot of stress in my work life, which resulted in hair fall and split hair. I told this to my doctor, he immediately recommended Armofer-MP to me which was very effective. I saw an improvement in my hair growth in a very short time. Thank you MP Pharmaceuticals.
Ishika Rungta

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